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  • "Gold charms a restive audience with almost mesmeric ability."

    — Village Voice

    Village Voice
  • "Gold's show is a genuine mitzvah."

    — Time Out New York

    Time Out New York
  • "The show is riotously funny and ultimately quite moving."

    — Hollywood Reporter

    Hollywood Reporter
  • "Judy Gold captures the audience from the moment she opens her mouth. She seamlessly weaves anecdotes from her own life with snippets from interviews conducted with 50 Jewish mothers across the United States. The result is fiercely funny, honest and moving."

    — New York Times

    New York Times
  • “Judy’s humor shines from beginning to end!”

    — Adaumbelle’s Quest

    Adaumbelle’s Quest

Judy Gold Will Lead THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL as 'Scrooge' at NJPAC

By BroadwayWorld.com

A new holiday tradition is born when Broadway Sings The Muppet Christmas Carol takes to the stage. NJPAC is happy to present a concert version of the music, the magic and the holiday cheer of the Muppets’ memorable rendition of the Dickens tale on Saturday, December 3, at New Jersey Performing Arts Center.


Miley Cyrus Makes Woody Allen’s Amazon Series Worth Watching

By Vanity Fair

Crisis in Six Scenes is creaky and dated, but three women—Elaine May, Judy Gold, and the erstwhile Hannah Montana—distinguish themselves anyway.


Judy Gold Promises Audiences Will ‘Pee in Their Pants’ During Mercer Island Stop

By The Seattle Lesbian

Emmy Award-winning multi-hyphenate Judy Gold appears regularly on The Steve Harvey Show and will next appear in the upcoming Woody Allen Amazon Series Crisis In Six Scenes, the new TBS Series, Search Party, and the Showtime series premiering this spring, I’m Dying Up Here. Gold is the host of the podcast, Kill Me Now, on CBS’ play.it and iTunes. On Saturday, September 17, Gold will take her hilarious shtick to Washington state.

Gold worked the Mercer Island scene years ago and said she looked forward to returning.


From tolls to toils, comic is true blue NJ

By app.com

It was summer on the New Jersey Turnpike, and Judy Gold was collecting tolls.

“It was interesting, I’ll tell you that,” she said.

Gold’s in-between semesters job in college back more than 30 years ago was quintessentially New Jersey, and almost certainly gave the acclaimed comic, actress and Emmy-winning writer a head start on her current project, a popular podcast called “Kill Me Now.”


George Takei, Perez Hilton, Michael Musto and More Open Up About Their First Gay Bar Experience

By Esquire

When hate invades a space known for tolerance, figuring out how to react can be the hardest part of the aftermath. The national conversation about the Orlando massacre has been focused on gun control and terrorism, and rightfully so, but there’s an aspect to the discussion being avoided by the media: the impact gay bars have on the LGBTQ community.

Every queer person remembers their first gay bar. Good or bad, it’s always more than just a bar experience. When you spend your life being a sexual minority, the gay bar is often the only outlet available to shape a sense of identity, an understanding, and a community.