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Judy Gold and Kate Moira Ryan 25 Questions for a Jewish MotherPart memoir and part stand-up routine, this hilarious and affecting play breaks down just what makes Jewish mothers so lamentable, laughable, and lovable.




  • "Gold charms a restive audience with almost mesmeric ability."

    — Village Voice

    Village Voice
  • "Gold's show is a genuine mitzvah."

    — Time Out New York

    Time Out New York
  • "The show is riotously funny and ultimately quite moving."

    — Hollywood Reporter

    Hollywood Reporter
  • "Judy Gold captures the audience from the moment she opens her mouth. She seamlessly weaves anecdotes from her own life with snippets from interviews conducted with 50 Jewish mothers across the United States. The result is fiercely funny, honest and moving."

    — New York Times

    New York Times


Outstanding Solo Performance for 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother


Outstanding New York Theater: Broadway & Off-Broadway for 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother

Judy Gold and Kate Moira Ryan 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother

FRONT ROW CENTRE: No question about it: ‘25 Questions’ has a lot of heart

By InsideToronto.com

The Harold Green Jewish Theatre Company opens their ninth season with the Emmy Award-winning comedienne, actress and producer Judy Gold in an original piece she co-wrote with Kate Moira Ryan, 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother. Compiled by asking a number of Jewish mothers the same 25 questions, Judy Gold weaves a personal memoir around their responses, The result is enormously entertaining, frequently touching and consistently funny. The show runs through Sunday, Oct. 25 and was reviewed at a preview...


Judy Gold remembers what happened when her show received a terrible review

By Entertainment Weekly

When debuting a production, some critics will love it; others will love to hate it. But if you write a terrible review of Judy Gold’s work, you might want to prepare yourself for a very stern call from her mother.


25 Questions for a Jewish Mother

By DC Theatre Scene

In Judy Gold’s world, selecting a sperm donor is like ordering Chinese food over the phone-you choose a dish, make a few substitutions, and dutifully recite your credit card number. And that’s why Judy Gold’s world is worth stepping into for an hour and a half at Theater J. Quite simply, she’s hilarious.


'25 Questions': Jewish Mothers Know Best

By The Washington Post

How many Jewish mothers does it take to put on a play? One — if it’s comedian Judy Gold, who brings her one-woman show, “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother,” to Theater J next week.


Review: ‘25 Questions for a Jewish Mother’

By Variety

After decades of touring her act, Judy Gold has become an expert comedian. In her one-woman show, “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother,”she never misses a comic or dramatic beat as she tries to prove that she is nothing, nothing, nothing like the stereotypical Jewish moms that surrounded her as a child.


Listen to Your Mother! And Other Advice

By New York Times

Judy Gold, a statuesque presence with a loud voice ranging from sweet to sour, captures the audience from the moment she opens her mouth in “25 Questions for a Jewish Mother” at Ars Nova Theater. The 70-minute monologue, co-written with Kate Moira Ryan, is based on more than 50 interviews with Jewish mothers across the United States, conducted over a five-year period.