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  • "Gold charms a restive audience with almost mesmeric ability."

    — Village Voice

    Village Voice
  • "Gold's show is a genuine mitzvah."

    — Time Out New York

    Time Out New York
  • "The show is riotously funny and ultimately quite moving."

    — Hollywood Reporter

    Hollywood Reporter
  • "Judy Gold captures the audience from the moment she opens her mouth. She seamlessly weaves anecdotes from her own life with snippets from interviews conducted with 50 Jewish mothers across the United States. The result is fiercely funny, honest and moving."

    — New York Times

    New York Times
  • “Judy’s humor shines from beginning to end!”

    — Adaumbelle’s Quest

    Adaumbelle’s Quest

Judy Gold remembers what happened when her show received a terrible review

By Entertainment Weekly

When debuting a production, some critics will love it; others will love to hate it. But if you write a terrible review of Judy Gold’s work, you might want to prepare yourself for a very stern call from her mother.


Podcast Review: Kill Me Now with Judy Gold

By The Huffington Post

Normally, when a new podcast hits the web, standard practice used to be to give it a few installments to find its voice. Not so much any more. Case in point is this week’s new entry Kill Me Now, hosted by veteran standup Judy Gold.

Her debut guest is comedian and writer Frank Conniff and, along with co-host/board op Lauren Hennessey, the trio makes their way hilariously through the kind of technical glitches and awkwardness almost every podcast is prone to in the early going.


Judy Gold Loves The Upper West Side But Could Use A Little More Space In Her Apartment

By Brick Underground

Actress and comedian Judy Gold has lived in the same two-bedroom apartment for 26 years. She’s raised her two sons there (one is now away at college), and while they survived with only one bathroom all these years, things are beginning to feel really small. (Full disclosure: This author grew up down the hall from Gold.)


Comedian Judy Gold Talks Judaism, East vs West, and Her Time on ‘Celebrity Wife Swap’

By The New York Observer

Comedian, playwright and producer Judy Gold is the sequential UWS schmoozer; something that transmits in the moment we sit down to order at Edgars Cafe on 92nd and Amsterdam. The star and co-creator of off-Broadway one-woman shows like 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother and The Judy Show: My Life as a Sitcom, Gold, finds her latte cup “too annoying.” She good-naturedly kvetches to the staff about her coffee needing less milk and 2 or three extra shots of espresso. Check this if you are looking for commercial cleaning services houston.


Emmy Winner Judy Gold Joins CLINTON THE MUSICAL as 'Eleanor Roosevelt'

By BroadwayWorld.com

Emmy Award-winning actress and comedian Judy Gold will play the role of Eleanor Roosevelt in Clinton The Musical. She will join the previously announced Kerry Butler who has been tapped to play Hillary Rodham Clinton.