Episode 0091: Kevin Allison – Part II

Kevin Allison of the Risk! podcast is back in the Play.it studio with Judy and Hennessy to continue sharing his stories.

Episode 0090: Kerry Butler

Tony nominee, actor, singer and former-Judy Gold-costar, Kerry Butler joins Kill Me Now. – Never Forget: Kerry’s hit cult-musical ‘Bat Boy’ was ended early because of the 9/11 attacks. – Anything You Can Do: Judy and Kerry argue over who’s dressing room was messier during ‘Clinton The Musical’. – Baby Mine: Kerry talks about her adoption process, visiting Ethiopia and her lovely children.

Episode 0089: Kevin Allison

Kevin Allison of the Risk! podcast and live storytelling show joins Judy and Hennessy in the Play.It studios!

– Godspell: Kevin tried his best to hide his sexual-identity in his Catholic, Ohio hometown, despite starring in all of the high school musicals.

– Skit for Scat: Kevin is part of hit 90’s MTV sketch-series, The State but fails to bond as one of the group members.

– Something an old cast-mate said to Kevin made him take a big risk – and his hit podcast was born. .

Episode 0088: Monica Piper

Solo-show star, comic, award -winner, actor, mom and head writer of Rugrats (among other incredible shows): Monica Piper raps with Judy about growing up with funny dads, having kids on the road, solo-show life and anti-depressants. Judy gets a Jew-bell and Hennessy gets to ask a question. On Kill Me Now

Episode 0087: Nancy Giles

Actress and commentator Nancy Giles joins Judy and Hennessy in studio! Nancy is best known for her appearances in the series China Beach and CBS News Sunday Morning.