Episode 82: Sam Morrill

Comedian Sam Morrill and his rich velvety voice are in studio, along with guest co-host Karen Bergreen.
-I Like Jokes A Lot: Judy thinks Sam is a great jokewriter. The gang discusses life on the road as a comedian.
-You’re So Cool: Sam, who grew up in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood, talks about his upbringing, including knowing playing sports with Rudy Giuliani’s son, his college experience at Tulane during Hurricane Katrina, and getting started in stand-up comedy.
-23 And Me: Judy just submitted her DNA for a genetics test
-It Was Pretty Scary: Sam opens up about his online run-ins with social justice warriors over his jokes, and the helpful advice about it he received from Colin Quinn.
-A Joke For All Seasons: Judy, Sam, and Karen compare and contrast their different experiences in different generations of stand-up comedy
-You Know What Really Pisses Me Off?: Judy talks about a few of the various things that make her angry

Episode 81: Negin Farsad

You Know You’re Brilliant: Comedian Negin Farsad, who can make audiences think about deep stuff without them even realizing it, is in studio. Lenny Marcus co-hosts.
– Only Child: Negin grew up in Palm Springs, FL, where her only friends were old retired people.
– Requisite Five Minutes Of Racism: Negin recently got engaged to an actor who is so beautiful, people are usually surprised Negin is actually dating him. Negin discusses her Muslim parents’ initial reaction to her fiancé, who is African American.
– Little Pockets Of Bigotry: The gang discusses the 2016 Presidential Election and President-elect Donald Trump.
– So Many White People: Negin went to college at Cornell, which was an eye-opening experience for her.
– Plan B: Despite having multiple Ivy League degrees, Negin decided to get into comedy and discovered she was really good at it.
– The Muslims Are Coming: Negin and fellow comedian Dean Obedeillah put together a comedy tour and documentary featuring Muslim comics. After the Metropolitan Transit Authority banned ads for the film for political reasons, Negin and Dean took their case to the Supreme Court and won.
– Rage Against The Rage: Negin discusses Internet rage and antidepressants.

Episode 80: Make the New Year Great Again!

Happy Jew Year!
Henriette Mantel and Judy Gold along with Chemda of the ‘Keith and The Girl’ podcast celebrate the last 12 months of 2016 in all of it’s glory! Chemda mentions the little, football-sized tumor she had a battle with in her chest and security somehow let Rhett Butler into the studio. Also, Trump.

Episode 79: Jon Fisch

– Aruba Ray: Judy’s girlfriend Elysa charms the pants off Jon and everyone else in Aruba.
– Great Uncle: He’s not good at much but he is a good Uncle.
– Coast or Coast: Jon decided to move to NY rather than LA after falling in love with the Comic Strip standup club.
– Never Forget: the 9/11 terrorist attacks prompted Jon to move to NJ for 2 years.
– Mental to Mental: Jon worked in a psych ward with children and adolescents. He shares some of his ‘kill me now’ moments.
– Star Search: Jon told everyone he knew to tune in to his appearance on Star Search and was never put on the show.

Episode 78: Deb Filler

The captivating comic and second generation kid of Holocaust survivors (so you know she is funny!): Deb Filler!
– I’m Going to Disneyland!: No matter what, Deb will still find a way to bring up the Holocaust.
– Deb’s father was sent on a truck to the concentration camps in 1938.
– Deb started her stand-up as a child, playing family members as characters to keep her dad from feeling lonely.