Episode 0104: Eddie Brill

Writer, comic, seasoned-opener and booker Eddie Brill(iant) honors Judy Gold’s Kill Me Now podcast as guest. – Fight for Your Right: Eddie realized the importance of persuing “what you love,” when his stepdad passed too early. – No Sleep ’till Brooklyn: A young Brooklyn native, Eddie Brill, was destined to return to NYC after his family moved to Florida. – Brass Monkey: Eddie formed an improv troupe while at Emmerson College that has now expanded into a full-fledge comedy program. **EddieBrill.com – @Eddie_Brill – Subscribe to ‘Kill Me Now’ AND Eddie’s podcast ‘The Break with Eddie Brill,’ on iTunes.**

Episode 0103: Patty Rosborough Part II

Comedian Patty Rosborough continues her conversation with Judy and Hennessy.

Episode 0102: Patty Rosborough

Meet the comic that Judy Gold opened for!: Comedian Patty Rosborough joins Judy & Hennessy at the Kill Me Now studio. ‘Gay Dracula’ – Patty’s first NYC gig was an underground off-Broadway play where she fended-off vampires with her bare breasts. ‘Gay ‘Ol Time’ – Who gets into comedy for money? Patty does! ‘Gay-Dar’ – Patty knew who was gay before they ever came out, Also, a call from Judy’s partner Elysa. ‘Gay Married’ – Patty marries a gay man and has children with him.

Episode 0100 – Bruce Vilanch

Adopted into a family of performers, Bruce was doomed for stardom.

From his years working at the Chicago Tribune to writing for Bette Midler to closing out the end of the ‘variety show era’ and even writing for the annual Oscars, Bruce has his handprints all over television history.

Episode 0099: Bill Persky – Part II

We are back in the Kill Me Now studio with Judy Gold the legendary Bill Persky: Comic, Dick Van Dyke writer and Emmy winner with more than a few ‘Kill Me Now’ moments.