Episode 03: Mara Wilson

Legendary actor, writer, host & Jew- Mara Wilson
Mara and Judy bond over their OCD, ADHD and hoarding tenancies. Mara can’t let go of her NYU cap-n-gown, Judy can’t let go of the music history paper she never finished in college and Lauren is probably fired from the show. Again.

Episode 02: Ted Alexandro

Judy and Ted romanticize about Gershwin, discuss police brutality, minimum wage, Germans, and it’s HILARIOUS!

Episode 01: Frank Conniff

Judy Gold interviews writer/comedian Frank Conniff along with co-host Lauren Hennessy. They cover Frank’s Pulitzer Prize winning father, substance abuse, rehab in Minneapolis, Mystery Science 3000, Chris Christie, anti-depressants and Frank’s incarcerated girlfriend.