Episode 0017.5: Dick Cavett – Part II

New Scrabble words are ridiculous, ESPECIALLY “Selfie.”

P-H-A-R-T. Language continues to change. Judy & Dick continue to get angry. The dumbest thing ever said on a talk show. Lauren speaks in “essence.” “Literally.”

Check out his videos: http://tinyurl.com/oygj4d4

Episode 0017: Dick Cavett

Dick Cavett – Magician; nerd; jock; “The Original Interviewer;”  legendary host of ‘The Dick Cavett Show.’
Not only was Cavett the original breakdancer – as a gold medalist on the ‘horse’, he lost his mother at 10 years of age…so he became the coolest man in the world: being the first person to have a transgender person on their show, graduating from Yale and interviewing the greatest performers of all time.

Check out his videos: http://tinyurl.com/oygj4d4

Episode 0016: Ophira Eisenberg

With host of NPR’s ‘Ask Me Another’, author of & comic, Ophira Eisenberg.
Lauren Hennessy should just Kill Judy Now because that’s what he’s doing anyway.
Ophira’s mother is now known (by Judy) as the “Jewish Duggar,” with….how many kids again–? which may explain why she is now pregnant, despite her being on birth control!
Religion, sexy hippy-jamborees’, & dinner table shame on ‘Kill Me Now’ with Judy Gold.


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Episode 0015: John Fugelsang

With comic, actor & classically handsome family man, John Fugelsang.
John may be the most articulate man in the world.
Judy takes her son Henry to the ghetto for his drivers test.
John lives in a real-life sitcom, usually covered in pink smoothie vomit, with his wife, kids & ex.
America’s Funniest Home Videos- John did his best.
John’s father & mother were an actual Holy Father & Mother.
Kill Lauren Now. Someone forgot his meds & his position.
G.O.D. or G.O.V.?
Eat less meat & kill yourself later.
The Vatican sucks.

Episode 0014: Bonnie McFarlane

With comic, actor, producer & host of the ‘I Hate My Wife’ podcast, Bonnie McFarlane.
Bonnie grew up on a farm & chopped chicken heads off as a chore.
Recorded from Judy’s very own kitchen, the host was actually early today (please pardon the kitchen sounds…it’s Loren’s fault).
Judy’s juju is off & Bonnie kills Loren’s vibe.
Bonnie’s dad was sent home to die from cancer years ago. He’s still alive.


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