Episode 0022: Christine Taylor

With actor Christine Taylor from ‘Hey Dude!’, ‘The Brady Bunch Movies’, ‘Zoolander’ & more.
Christine grew up as a popular kid in a peaceful home & it makes Judy want to vomit.
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Episode 0021: Annabelle Gurwitch

With comic, actor, author & co-host of the iconic, ‘Dinner & A Movie’: Annabelle Gurwitch. Annabelle grew up an Alabama Jew with a gamblin’-man father. Who DOESN’T take anti-depressants? Having Annabelle in the studio is like having 2 Lorens. Kill Me Now.

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Episode 0020: Phil Rosenthal

With comic, writer, creator of ‘Everybody Loves Raymond,’ & foodie with brand new PBS show, ‘I’ll Have What Phil’s Having’: Phil Rosenthal.

Episode 0019: Lea Delaria

With activist, comic, singer & actor Lea Delaria.
Judy has an inner moral-battle with every purchase.
Judy’s has a son named Henry, aka Jerome.
Lea had some obstacals to overcome growing up lesbian in an Italian-Catholic home.
“Undercover glovers”- Lea was gay-bashed during pride in San Francisco.
Hennessy learns what comedy is.

Episode 0018: The First Hai Show

For Judy’s lucky show number 18, we got hai & celebrated life & all that is annoying in it.
Judy’s special guest is the audience! Loren reads feedback & questions sent in by our listeners while Judy responds.
Therapist & Judy’s partner, Elysa Halpern, donates her therapy office to us as a studio & joins us to analyze some of the comments & the people that wrote them.
Our live, in-house audience also joins in with some questions.
So get chai & join us for a very special edition of ‘Kill Me Now’ with Judy Gold.
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