Episode 94: Cathy Ladman

She was in the comedy class right before Judy’s, and Johnny Carson’s favorite female comedian.
Her standup has broken taboos and inspired many.
Cathy Ladman joins Judy Gold along with Cathy’s sister, Leslie Popkin in this epic episode!

Episode 93: Keith Malley – Part II

Episode 92: Keith Malley

A pioneer of podcasting, comic and co-host of the legendary ‘Keith and The Girl’ show Keith Malley joins Judy Gold and Hennessy in studio!

*Blessed be Thy Game* Keith talks about how his Catholic priest father quit the church to marry his mom.

*Growing Pains* Keith’s dad falsely incriminated his kids in order to punish them by doing the housework he didn’t want to.

*Paying Dues* Judy is annoyed that Keith only does standup comedy once a year.

*Podcast Pioneers* Keith and The Girl celebrate over a dozen years of podcasting.

Episode 91: Kevin Allison – Part II

Kevin Allison of the Risk! podcast is back in the Play.it studio with Judy and Hennessy to continue sharing his stories.

Episode 90: Kerry Butler

Tony nominee, actor, singer and former-Judy Gold-costar, Kerry Butler joins Kill Me Now. – Never Forget: Kerry’s hit cult-musical ‘Bat Boy’ was ended early because of the 9/11 attacks. – Anything You Can Do: Judy and Kerry argue over who’s dressing room was messier during ‘Clinton The Musical’. – Baby Mine: Kerry talks about her adoption process, visiting Ethiopia and her lovely children.