Episode 06: Christian Finnegan

With comic & actor, Christian Finnegan.

‘Just Kill Me Now’ – Christian’s brothers died yet Karl Rove & Dick Cheney are still alive. ‘Fuck-ups & Prodigies’- Christian went to performing arts school & wondered if he’d catch the gay.

‘Goy Vey’ – Lauren stored frozen shrimp in Judy’s kosher freezer.

‘Always a Bridesmaid’ – Women telling fart jokes in a pink dress is not real comedy.

‘Happy New Years’ – “Amazeballs”, “Guesstimate” & other lame made up words & phrases.

Episode 05: Guy Branum

Judy kvetches with comedian Guy Branum. Guy was a football jock in high school and was afraid to be ‘outed’ as gay. Comedians that begin stand-up simply as a vehicle to get famous ARE NOT COMEDIANS. Don’t piss nerds off. They will destroy you. Guy’s campus newspaper called him out on claiming to be straight. One of the Duggars HAS to be gay. The statistics alone…

Episode 04: Chemda

With guest- Comic, singer, author and podcaster Chemda from Keith and The Girl.

Chemda’s parents didn’t come to her wedding and Judy says, “Screw em!”.

Hebrew makes Judy horny.

Mara Wilson makes an appearance!

All that and a call with Judy’s mother, Ruth Gold!

Episode 03: Mara Wilson

Legendary actor, writer, host & Jew- Mara Wilson
Mara and Judy bond over their OCD, ADHD and hoarding tenancies. Mara can’t let go of her NYU cap-n-gown, Judy can’t let go of the music history paper she never finished in college and Lauren is probably fired from the show. Again.

Episode 02: Ted Alexandro

Judy and Ted romanticize about Gershwin, discuss police brutality, minimum wage, Germans, and it’s HILARIOUS!