Episode 0075: Carson Kressley

Author, host, designer, and fashion-guru Carson Kressley joins Judy and Hennessy in the play.it studios!
– Say Goodnight, Judy: Carson and Judy begin the show with a cat-fight and a song.
– Carson the Mennace: Baby Carson got his dad pulled-over by the police while mouthing “Help!” to them in the back seat.
– Wild Horses: Kressley’s equestrian passion began while growing up next to a field full of horses.
– A Carson by Any Other Name: Carson’s nickname at schooll was “Lovley Howell,” from Gilligan’s Island.
– Making a Splash: NYC was the first place Carson experienced his first gay bar.
– Friends With Benefits: Every gay NYC get-together, party, and event in the 90s doubled a benefit to raise money for AIDS.
Check out Carson on the Game Show Network’s ‘Window Warriors’ @CarsonKressley