Clinton The Musical with Judy Gold as Eleanor Roosevelt (First Preview)


When:First Preview March 25

Where:New World Stages

340 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019

“Ribald and entertaining! Clinton The Musical is every bit as outrageous as you might think. A fun, rude, roller-coaster reminder that American politics is often a circus—and sometimes we ought to pause to enjoy the show.” – The National Review

If President William Jefferson Clinton behaved like two different people—one moment noble, the next naughty—that’s because he was! Clinton The Musical explores the two very different sides of the 42nd President of the United States: “WJ,” the wholesome, intelligent one, and “Billy,” the randy, shameless one. With Hilary (Rodham) Clinton at their side, the two will handle issues from The White House to Whitewater, the sax and the sex, elections and erections, and in the process make history. Maybe. You cannot miss this hillary-ous new musical and outrageous double bill!

Judy Gold is Eleanor Roosevelt in this brand new show! First preview is March 25th, official opening date on April 9th through September 6th.