coachingStand Up Comic, Writer, Actor & perennial substitute host for every talk-show ever, Judy Gold, boasts two Emmy Award wins, writing & producing for the Rosie O’Donnell Show. Her two solo-shows, both written with playwright Kate Moira Ryan and starring Judy – 25 Questions for a Jewish Mother & The Judy Show! My Life as a Sitcom were critically acclaimed Off-Broadway hits.

25 Questions won the 2007 Glaad Media Award for Outstanding NY Theater and a Drama Desk nomination for Judy for best solo performance. A book by the same name was nominated for the prestigious Quill Award. The Judy Show was nominated for The Outer Critics Circle Award.
As a writer, Judy contributes to several notable publications and media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Huffington Post,, and The Advocate. Judy has been on the faculty of ESPA at Primary Stages since 2012.

Judy’s expertise in solo performance, writing, and her knowledge of storytelling, public speaking and effective communication have made her one of the most sought out coaches and teachers around. She not only works with writers and performers, but also female executives all over the country to help them make their presentations the best they can be.

Judy has written for major celebrities, business people and those wealthy enough to afford to have someone write a specific toast or speech for a special occasion. She also works with high school students – helping them with their college essays (one of her favorites!).


Have you ever thought to yourself after a presentation or pitch meeting, “I felt like they weren’t really listening”, “I don’t know why I was so nervous”, “I should have been more high energy”, “I talked too fast”, or “The mic wasn’t loud enough”? These thoughts, among others, are very common and totally normal, but they are completely unnecessary.

You should never feel like you had lackluster performance after you have done all the necessary preparation.

From idea to execution, Judy works with professional female leaders and speakers in all areas of business to present themselves as flawless public speakers – whether it be to a conference of thousands, a speech for hundreds, or a meeting of dozens. Judy will help you to write or punch-up your speech or presentation, and work with your voice and body language to make you the most formidable and impressive presenter.

Judy’s honesty and sense of humor, patience and personal focus creates a safe and comfortable environment to test and develop your presentation skills. Even if you aren’t exactly sure of what you need to work on, Judy will help pinpoint what you’d like to accomplish with your presentation or first impression, that will leave your audience feeling comfortable, uplifted and confident in you and your message. Check chiropractors scottsdale az site.

Guided by Judy, you will design a communication & writing style that is unique to your personality & holds the attention of your audience – whether it be a conference of hundreds, a meeting of dozens or a private interview.

Clip art of someone with stage fright

She has given thousands of speeches, hosted and starred in numerous television, stage and benefit shows, has written and starred in 2 critically acclaimed on person shows, and has spent 30 years performing stand-up comedy, visit geaux maids. She is currently on the faculty at The Einhorn School of The Performing Arts, and has received 2 Emmy awards for writing and producing. She was nominated twice for The American Comedy Award’s funniest female comedian. She has written for many celebrities and executives, and has coached newbies and seasoned professionals. She has also written for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CNN.COM, The Huffington Post, and The Jerusalem Post, to name a few.

Nobody knows better than Judy that humor can disarm even the most serious and solemn people, and once you’ve disarmed your audience, they will be eating out of your hand.

One-on-one sessions with Judy can be in person or via Skype and will be fitted to your personal goals & needs. Contact Judy for sessions and prices.



Bowling-at-Paul-RuddJudy will elevate your solo-show material at any stage of the game.

From idea to the rehearsal room, she will get to know your story, your natural story-telling style, sense of humor, strengths & bad habits.

Your personalized time in each group-session will help shed light on any struggles or blocks experienced during your writing or performance process. She will guide you toward your show’s full, successful potential. Her tough-love approach, humor, empathy & personalized support with each student, helps draw-out their hidden strengths, breaking bad-habits & keeping them on a forward-moving track.

One-on-one sessions can also be held in-person at a scheduled space in Manhattan or via Skype.

Solo Performance Intensive: (6 Group-Sessions Total, Sessions are held based on student interest and availability.)

Working in a small group of other writers & performers at different stages of their solo-show process is invaluable. One of the best ways sharpen your solo-writing skills & performance ability is by watching your peers & understanding the connection between the instructor’s guidance & the artist’s development.

Just like her one-on-one sessions, Judy will personalize your time in each group-session & will help shed light on any struggles you’re experience during your writing or performance process. She will guide you toward your show’s full, successful potential. Her tough-love approach, humor, empathy & personalized support with each student, helps draw-out their hidden strengths and help them master the trade offshore, break bad-habits & keeps you on a forward moving track.

Let Judy know if you’d like to be included in the next group-session!