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The Question You Should Never Ask a Lesbian Mom

Judy Gold

A few weeks ago I took my 11-year-old son Ben to the doctor. He had been snoring so loudly that his brother refused to sleep in the same room, so we made an appointment with the best pediatric E.N.T. in the entire world. (Yes, that’s what it’s like living in NYC.)

Joan Rivers gave misfit girls permission to dream

Judy Gold

When I was a little girl, I watched a lot of TV. I loved sitcoms and had a special love for talk and variety shows. I loved it whenTotie Fields, Moms Mabley and Phyllis Diller came on, but there was no one who affected me like Joan Rivers. Like every other misfit Jewish girl growing up in the suburbs of New Jersey, I may have adored Barbra, but I could relate to Joan.